Opinions Generated




Thesis, Problem, and Opportunity

By helping people get instant opinions while shopping via a mobile app that they could take a picture or scan a barcode with, we created the opportunity to disintermediate point of purchase decisions.

Thumb was a social opinion-polling mobile app that helped people get instant results for their queries. It was created to crowdsource the opinions of others when people needed to make a decision. Whether someone wanted to know how they looked in a certain outfit or whether they should buy a necklace for their girlfriend’s birthday, Thumb provided the data, information, and sentiment to assist users in making everyday choices, regardless of how difficult those choices were.

Tactic, Product, or Venture

While Thumb was originally developed to generate opinions on consumer products and determine the influences that others had on one’s purchasing decisions, a much broader solution was created where people were asking for opinions about a wide range of topics beyond products. Due to the broad nature of opinions, Thumb captured massive amounts of interesting data, allowing them to understand user preferences much more clearly.


Thumb became one of the most successful apps on the market, generating over 3 billion opinions from millions of users. At one point, Thumb was the most heavily used app in terms of usage time next to Facebook, out of over 1 million apps. The company was sold to a market research firm in 2013.

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